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Saturday, 24 June 2006
The Pet That Got Lost
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The Pet That Got Lost

Carson Rodriguez, Isaiah Rodriguez, Nate House, Mary Conway

Penned at Shorebirds, NJ, June 16, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Catherine. Catherine loved to chase cats. One day while she was chasing cats, she got lost. Catherine found herself on a big white sandy beach.

She found a lobster and it bit her.

She cried.

Then she went to Los Angeles and went to the hotel parking lot. Catherine found a movie star and they went to see the movie "Cars."

She ate so much popcorn and Milk Duds that when she saw a cat in the lobby she was too full to chase it. When she tried she fell over.

The movie star had to carry Catherine to her house. It felt like she weighed a thousand pounds. The movie star had to get two men and a roller coaster car because Catherine was too heavy.

Catherine took a three-day nap and when she woke up she chased the movie star’s cat all the way down Hollywood Boulevard. The cat ran into Universal Studios where they were filming the new movie, "Why I Hate Cats." Then the movie star chased the cat and went back to Hollywood. Then Catherine chased the cat into the street and the cat got run over.

Heartbroken, she cried over the cat, who woke up from her tears, so Catherine got on a bus and swore she would never chase another cat.

But before the bus could pull away, the director of "Why I Hate Cats," who witnessed the entire incident, got on the bus and said to Catherine, “You would be perfect for my movie! I’m going to make you a star!”

And then she went back home to her family.


Posted by marytconway at 12:09 PM EDT

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